Mar 7, 2013

I finally got a REAL job

Ha, I find it rather ironic that I finally get a job about a week after I posted my return post. I have been searching for a job since the fall before I graduated in 2011. It's now spring of 2013 and I FINALLY landed a job! I had to use a recruiter (ew) but luckily they got me a job with a company I had approached while I was still in school at a job fair but at the time didn't have an opening at the location I wanted. Being that I wanted to find a job in meat science around Chicago I had quite a few obstacles, one being that no one harvests in Chicago anymore. All those plants have been moved out of the city because people don't want that on their back door. I'm sure they think about it every time they go to McDonalds, out of sight, out of mind right? I think I managed to find the closest plant to Chicago and it is still in the middle of BFE.

However, the point of this post is just to encourage anyone that is job searching not to give up. I have been looking for so long, have gone on so many interviews, gotten so many rejection emails, it really starts to weigh you down. I have broken down several times thinking I had no skills and my degree meant nothing. All it takes is that one company to give you a shot. It also takes time to find that company. Do what ever you have to do in the mean time but never give up on what you really want. I have worked several dead end crap jobs including my last one where they don't treat you like an educated, valuable person to their company. You are a face to fill the space they need you to fill and you can be replaced by the next 100 applicants in the same position you are. That being said, you should still take pride in yourself and your job. I know that is so so hard when you hate your job and your managers don't give a rats ass about you as long as you are on time but you still want to be able to use your last job as a reference. No one will hire you for the job you want if they think you don't care about work. Find something you like about work and just focus on that. If you can't find anything you like AT ALL, then find a new job.

I know I had started this blog about animals but there is so much more I have to offer than my knowledge and skills on the cute and furry. Not every one holds other living things in the same regard I do, so this one's for you. However, except the next one to explode with cute.

Never give up, Never surrender.