Jun 23, 2011

& Shih tzu

So this thing looks exactly like an ewok. I mean look at it. Just turn it into a bear and give it a spear, it's an ewok. That's not the point. Honestly I never really cared for small dogs, ankle bitters, foot stools, whatever you want to call them but I will bit my tongue on this one. Shih tzus are actually pretty cool. They make look kind of retarded sometimes with their massive underbite and eye boogers. The ones I always saw at dog shows looked like my grandmother's throw pillows so naturally I didn't like them. Yea, I know I used to show dogs. Shut up I won scholarship money and a lime green tv. The whole point of this is that I am confessing I actually like the little brats. My recently acquired job as a dog washer has me discovering which breeds I actually can stand and which are complete idiots. German Shepherds for instance. Generally I really like them but when a dog has never seen water and it's doing barrel rolls in tub to get away from the hose I am going to label it an idiot. Every shih tzu I have dealt with has been tolerant to washing, soaping, brushing, and mostly drying. They even let me wash their head and face, the nemesis of dog washing. I'm not about to get bit because your dog wants to eat me for washing the drool off its face. Another breed I find gross is the american bulldog. Not because the animal its self is gross but because if they are not taken care of properly they grow yeast in between the flaps on their face. Seriously it's nasty. I had to wash that. I felt bad for this poor dog. If you aren't going to take care of a high maintenance dog then just don't buy it. Wasn't the point of this about shih tzus? Yea about them, they are really sweet dogs and if you are looking for a good family dog I would suggest one of them. I know it's a fem dog but chances are your wife, girlfriend, or daughter is going to pick it out anyways so you are going to look gay walking whatever dog she picks.

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