Jun 13, 2011

Chinchilla Depression

When you leave for extended periods of time do you think your animals even notice? Damn right they do! Well, reptiles probably don't but other furry bastards know when their favorite caretaker is gone. How would I have come to this conclusion? My personal favorite furry companion is my chinchilla, Chilla. Yea I know, I'm the most creative person ever when it comes to giving my pets individualism. I spent the past three weeks in Costa Rica and left my pets at home because I didn't think the furry ones would appreciate 95% humidity. Upon returning this past weekend, I walked into my room to see my normally rambunctious chinchilla with adhd laying in her hammock, head hung low, like she'd never be happy again. My family informed me that she wasn't very active while I was gone and did not let them pet her or play with her. Normally she can be heard from the other room bouncing around in her cage. Most nights I'm tempted to put her in the hallway because she keeps me up, if only the cat wouldn't eat her for a midnight snack. As soon as I called her name in a stereotypical girly high pitched voice only dogs can hear, she jumped up and came running to be pet. She took a treat from me and practically rolled over like a dog.

Why is this information relevant? When you choose to periodically abandon your pets, you should find someone they know and trust to take care of them. Clearly my family wasn't the best choice because I normally live away from home, you know being in college and all, so she isn't exposed to them often enough to be satisfied with their attention when I'm gone. Other pets are not so sensitive to your presence. My crested gecko seemed completely content and showed no interest in me other than staring at me like, "Bitch, give me some crickets!" Dogs and cats are variable when it comes to their owners. Some dogs have separation anxiety when their owners are only gone hours, others like mine could care less as long as they get fed eventually. For needy animals, I suggest having a designated caregiver that interacts with them often enough to have your pets be comfortable with them when you are gone. This can help keep your pets happy and well behaved when you are gone, and when you come back they won't be staring at you like your girlfriend when you forgot her birthday, again.

I don't claim to be an expert, then again I can almost back up my bullshit with a BS degree.


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  1. Awww... Guinness was really excited when I came back too, but now she gets really sad when I leave for work each day, and got ultra depressed when I had to leave her for 2 days. Its like she thinks I'm leaving for a month again.