Jul 17, 2011

The Beach & Shit

So my friends and I went to the beach today and noticed that a few people had decided to bring their dogs along. I think its a great idea that you want to bring your dog out with you but is a public crowded beach really the best place? What if your dog decides to take dump right there right in front of hundreds of people? You would probably get kicked out and have some stupid little kid try to play with it and end up getting infected with something stupid like coccida. If you are bringing your new puppy to the beach to pick up chicks, let me let you in on a little secret (SPOILER ALERT). They don't give a rats ass about you. They just want to play with your puppy. I do it to guys all the time. OMG YOUR PUPPY IS SOOO CUTE!!! While I am playing with it and ignoring said guy. When I get bored or have to go I just say "thanks!" and run away. If you are trying to get chicks you need game not an animal. Picking up chicks is not a good enough reason to get a puppy. Another thing I noticed is this stupid bimbo letting her cocker spaniel choke its self while she was walking on the beach. A little girl gets excited and asks to pet it and the bitch just keeps walking like she didn't hear anything. YOU AREN'T THAT COOL STOP BEING A BITCH. I will say my favorite was this cute mastiff mix with this really creepy guy that looked fried not only by the sun but some other things too. A dog will not erase the creep aura that you reek of. So word to the wise, leave your pets at home unless you own the beach. Then do whatever you want because you are so rich you own a beach. (must be nice, you jerk)

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