Aug 11, 2013

Gecko Tank Assembly UPDATED with Baby Crested Care

UPDATE: Gecko Tank Assembly
Here is an update on how the tank is going. I have added some plants to the tank to give it some more oomph. I still think it could use some more plants that are taller and some more branches and I can't seem to find many plants that are tall and sturdy enough for crested. They can be quite heavy and like to knock down my plants. If you plant any air ferns make sure to secure them with fishing line but very carefully as to not catch any gecko toes in them. Also, they have knocked over my bromeliad stem. I have had a lot of issues with my waterfall throwing the water out. I have since disconnected it and now it is just a rock. Pretty expensive rock...
     Do not waste your money on this product. This is the second fountain I have had issues with.
     If you are breeding geckos like I have been it is difficult to find the eggs in a natural setting. My geckos seem to be burying them in the back of the enclosure. I find baby geckos every few weeks crawling around the cage. Be sure to separate them as quickly as possible because the larger geckos may be tempted to eat them. So far I have been fortunate that this hasn't happened to my knowledge. I have the correct amount of hatchlings 2 per female per month.     
     I have been very successfully raising my baby geckos in a pet pal plastic container with a fake plant and paper towel substrate. Just mist them at night and give them plenty of repashy diet and dusted small crickets. The babies love chasing the crickets. It is very entertaining to watch. I try to keep handling them to a minimum with just a few minutes a day as to not stress them out. I have been lucky enough to not have any get scared and drop their tales.
     I put their repashy food in a very shallow large gladware lid so it is easy for them to get to and they can't get stuck in it. I replace it every few days as needed and feed the crickets 1 time a week or more often if they eat the all right away. I keep them in the same cage until I can tell gender. I have a hard time with gender because you need a jewelers magnifier to see the pores on the underside. I am not quite sure what they are supposed to look like so to be sure I just wait until they are about 6 months of age when the gender becomes more obvious. Males have a very noticeable bulge. I haven't kept any babies yet past puberty but I am very excited at the possibility of a violet baby I have had recently. I will be keeping this one to see how the color develops as it ages.

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