Aug 13, 2013

Beluga Harvest Denied

As an Ex Shedd employee I knew about this when it was in debate. Shedd was supposed to help care for some of these belugas. Reading the article I am torn on how to feel about it. On the one hand, I am glad these beautiful animals get to be in the wild where they belong. On the other hand, I really enjoying being able to see them up close and personal. I had the pleasure of working at Shedd when the last calf was born. It was so cute. I just wanted to take it home and keep it in my bath. I am well aware these animals need much more caring for than a typical pet.
     My other concern comes from the genetic side. What will happen to the offspring of a highly inbred limited population that zoos and aquariums have now? As I recall, this was the sole reason they were importing the belugas in the first place. I do agree that 18 is pretty ridiculous. I don't know where they think they are going to keep 18 whales. AS for them living shortened lives, I know that Shedd has an a female that is close to breaking the all time longevity record in captivity.
     On the one hand, these animals are well cared for. They receive the highest quality fish and nutrition you can give an animal. They have constant attention from trainers and are never forced to do anything they do not want. I worked at the Shedd, I know this for fact. I spent my life going to school to care for animals and now that very profession is threatened. Although I do not care for animals in my current position I at least make sure they are comfortable as possible.
     I do not think the public will ever be able to allow the entire profession to fail. I worry that the well renowned zoos and aquariums will close and animals in captivity will be stuck in poor care by people who are only in it for the money and entertainment value they can provide. It maddens me that people would complain about the dolphins not doing enough tricks. This is a living animal, it is not here for your entertainment asshole. Can your dog do tricks? No? maybe you should spend some time with your own animals instead of bitching about the dolphins that didn't entertain your 4 year old snotty brat child that I want to feed to the piranhas. I used to feed the piranhas... Don't tempt me. ----------------->

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