Aug 26, 2013

Pacman Frog: The cutest most evil pet ever

    So I recently purchased an albino pacman frog from the all animal expo. I have no idea what sex it is but it was really cute so I had to get it. I always wanted frogs and it seemed like the easiest to care for.
     Of course I did want you aren't supposed to do and bought a pet without even really researching it. So in this picture, when I first setup the tank, I had moss substrate. I later learned this is bad for them as they can eat the moss and become compacted and die. I switched to ecoearth coconut fiber. I use the same substrate with my geckos. I also gave it a little water bath to bathe in. I have it currently housed in a nano exo terra tank. I will probably have to upgrade it when he gets bigger to a small or even a medium. These frogs can get quite hefty. The recommended cage size is a 10 gal or larger.
     Pacman frogs are ambush predators so they pretty much just sit in one spot. I never really see it move unless I feed it. They will not eat food that isn't moving. I dust crickets with calcium and multivitamin powder to make sure it gets enough nutrients. I also occasionally feed it horn worms. He did choke on one I fed him a few weeks ago, I had to fight him for it so he didn't choke. These frogs will try to eat anything even if it is bigger than its body. You have to be careful of the size of food you select so that you don't experience fighting with a choking frog.
     So it looks so cute and harmless and doesn't really do anything. So why is this little frog the most evil thing ever? Just watch this video...

yea.... sooo I saw this AFTER I bought my frog. They also eat mice. I am now terrified of my own pet. Luckily mine is still quite small and has never made any of those noises. The worst it has done is get puffy when I try to touch it. This is definitely a look don't touch pet. If you have to move it, just scoop it up from behind so it won't be tempted to eat your fingers. Those fingers look tasty. They also have teeth.
Yea looks awesome. I think I'll get bit by that. I have not started to feed my frog anything other than insects at the advice of some other vendors at the animal expo. I will wait until it is closer to full size before I try to feed it anything bigger than a worm.
He seems to be happy eating this worm anyways. As you can see in these pictures the substrate is ecoearth and his water dish is just deep enough for him to sit in but not drown. They are very round and have tiny legs so they don't swim all that well. They float very well though hah. The most fun thing to do is feed them. Other than that I try to just let him be. He sits on my desk watching me type. Always watching.... Always waiting....

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